Framing and Hanging Services

This image is a collage of original images by Marvin Bowser. That's a self portrait in the lower left corner!

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 Have you just renovated your space?  Do you have art that you need to hang?  Do you want to rotate pieces that you have?  We can help you with your projects.  

Working in your home, your sanctuary, is an honor that we don't take lightly.    Services:  We will start with a conversation in your space where we can learn about you, how you use the space and the art that you share the space with.  What do these pieces mean to you?  As part of that conversation, you  may discover that you want to acquire pieces from us, or elsewhere.   After this initial consultation, we'll draft a proposal that includes a schedule and pricing.   We'll  get to work after you approve the proposal.  

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