Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes during A WESLEY CHRISTMAS shoot in Washington DC

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My experience as an actor and my love of taking candid shots makes me a great behind the scenes (BTS) or set photographer.  I have  several theatre and motion pictures projects  in my portfolio. 


Theatre Projects:  We usually shoot dress rehearsals per the clients wishes.  We have also shot tech and dress for some clients.   Clients have also asked us to shoot table reads and take cast photos to create marketing.  

Film Projects:   We can provide still photo coverage for specific scenes or provide coverage throughout production depending on the client's needs.  For longer shoots, We can create interim deliveries, often daily depending project requirements, to provide the client insight into what we am doing for them. We'll create a private webpage for production post the images there.  You can download any or all of the images. You can also share the webpage with your team.  

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Behind the Scenes Projects

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