Constitution Gardens is on the Federal Mall near the Reflection Pool and Vietnam Memorial

Marvin Bowser Headshot by Daniel Corey

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Marvin Bowser - Photographer

I am a native Washingtonian and come from a family prominent in local DC politics. My sister, Mayor Muriel Bowser, was just elected to her third term as the Mayor of our Nation’s capital, Washington DC.

As a photographer, I am driven by my love for capturing the interplay of light, shadow, color, and texture, and using imagery to tell a story. Whether I am shooting behind the scenes, headshots, events, travel, or nature, my goal is always to capture the essence of the moment without interfering with it.

I also provide photo restoration services to help clients preserve their cherished memories, which is an incredibly fulfilling aspect of my work. It's an honor to restore and frame images from deceased loved ones and favorite family adventures.

My background in the Defense Intelligence industry and my degrees from The American University and The George Washington University provide a unique perspective and skill set that I bring to my photography work. I am always looking for new opportunities and challenges to push my creative boundaries. I inherited my love of photography from my father, who introduced me to the art form through his own passion for it. I still shoot with Nikon, which I learned by using my father's gear.

Ultimately, my goal as a photographer is to use my art to capture and preserve the beauty of the world around us and the stories that make us who we are.

I'd love to hear from you.

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